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Thread: Crane Sure Flush Performance?

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    Default Crane Sure Flush Performance?

    After my 1985 toilet tank cracked I had to quickly replace it and purchased a Crane Sure Flush from Lowes. The toilet has similar specs to the Toto Drake (3" flush valve, 2 1/8" trap) so I am hoping to have similar performance. Does anyone have any experience with this toilet? I cannot find anything about it on the internet.

    I have had no flushing problems so far but the toilet does not fill very far after flushing. There is an edge where the bowl shape changes which would be the obvious fill height, but the water flows down the drain until the water height is about 3/4" below this line. As a result the water area is relatively small. I checked that the toilet is level. I don't see that I have any choice but to accept this (and use the toilet brush more frequently) or replace the toilet (not sure that Lowes would take back a slightly used toilet .

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    My experience with Lowe's and The Home Depot has been that they will take them back within the first year if the product is defective.


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