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Thread: Are all points delivering water?

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    Default Are all points delivering water?

    I have 3 points approximately 20 feet apart set up like a T with my 2hp Wayne Irrigation pump branched off about 5 feet in the middle of the T.

    Each point is 19ft down with 7 feet of water in the pipe. 1 1/4 pvc, 3ft 1 1/4PVC point.

    First Question:
    How can I tell if I getting water from all three points now that they are connected? Before joining them together I ran each point individually for 6 hours with no problems.

    Second Question:
    For having 3 points and a 2 HP pump, I get about 20 gallons a minute which is close to the volume I was getting with my 1/2hp jet pump that I used for testing each point.

    Either my pump sucks (literally) or I have an issue some where..

    Any ideas??

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    What type pump do you have and what is the gpm rating of it?
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    Default points

    As long as the points are all more than 30' deep, then it makes no difference. The pump will pull from all points equally, or will pull from one until it is exhausted and then continue by pulling from the next, and so on. But as a practical matter it will pull from all three to the extent that the resistances of all three become equalized. The final flow will either be limited by the total flow from all the wells, or the capacity of the pump, whichever is lower.

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    I have a Wayne Cast Iron Lawn Sprinkler Pump 5250 GPH, 2 HP, 2inch input 1.5 Output. Model# WLS200

    Flow (GPH) 5,250
    Volts 230
    HP 2
    Max. Suction Lift (ft.) 25
    Max. PSI 50
    Suction Port (in.) 2
    Discharge Port (in.) 1 1/2
    Self-Priming Yes

    To be fair, I'm running 1 1/4 inch wells (3) into the 2 inch and my output (test device for gpm calc's) is a 1.5 inch pipe with a shut off valve.


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