Hi Gang, I just joined this forum.......I don't think I have been here before....not sure.

I'm a beginning welder and have managed to stick up a couple of metal buildings and so far they stayed "glued" despite the wind here in NM. I used a wire-feed and the beads aren't "purty", but.......................

I just acquired an almost new Lincoln AC-225 and my shop isn't wired for 50 amps. I was discussing this with my friend, who wired my shop for 30 amps.
We buried 10g wire and ran it to a sub-panel in the garage.

He thought that I might be able to just use a heavy duty 4-6 gauge extension cord to run from my the electrical input at the house since I don't weld that often and not for long at a time.

I would rather have the shop wired for the welder, actually, but there are other things to consider, not the least of which is the cost. Main thing is that I don't have room for another double breaker in the box.

The only thing requiring more than 20 amps in my shop, other than the welder, is a large 220v air compressor, which we wired directly into a 30 amp breaker. Since I don't have room in my existing electrial box (at the house) for another double breaker, another thought was why couldn't we go ahead and run a 4-6 gauge wire to the shop and then run a 30 and a 50 off it for the compressor and welder(using the space of the existing double breaker).
Zat make any sense?

I'm shooting in the dark at a black target that isn't even there, so any help will be more than welcomed.