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Thread: Wire to Subpanel - through basement

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    Default Wire to Subpanel - through basement

    I'm installing a subpanel in an outbuilding behind our house. I will be
    running 100 amps to it, off of our main panel in the house (200 A service coming into the house). I'm aware of keeping the neutral and ground separate on the subpanel side.

    My question is:
    From the main panel in our house, I will need to run the wire approx. 30 feet
    in the basement, then it will go approx. another 30 feet underground (PVC
    conduit) to the outbuilding. I am using Alum. SER. Can I just staple (well actually use pvc or metal C clasps) the SER to the underside of my basement floor joists (I have an unfinshed basement). Or, should I drill through each floor joist (middle of joist of course to not weaken it) and run the SER that way. It's Alum, so it bends easily. Or (sigh) do I need to PVC (or metal) conduit it to the underside of the floor joists. By the way, I upsized the SER (voltage drop tables said 2/2/2/4 was sufficient for 100 A over that length), but I got 1/1/1/3 instead, in case I need to conduit it to allow for the restriction on heat buildup that conduit theoretically creates).

    By the way, I live it Connecticut, so if anyone knows CT code, that would be

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    Don't know CT code, but the drilling option is obviously the best. If there a finished ceiling? Will there be? Is it a drop ceiling? You could put a runner on your joists - a strip of plywood wide enough for SEU straps across the joists the entire length of the run - and strap your cable to that.

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    You want to pull SER underground, through conduit?

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    Unfinished basement...I would attatch to the underside of the joists...

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    I don't have a citation handy, but under the NEC, I think the requirement to support wires by drilling through joists or using running boards stops at a certain gauge (I think 8 gauge). So you should be fine with just stapling it.


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