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Thread: Unifit to be tied: nasty leak from a TOTO

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    Default Unifit to be tied: nasty leak from a TOTO

    First-time poster here. Our TOTO Carrollton has developed an unpleasant leak. I pulled it out this afternoon thinking there might be a problem with the wax flange seal, but I'm pretty sure the problem is on the inlet side of the Unifit adapter. I say that because a) most of the wetness is right up against the wall behind the toilet, and b) the rubber seal which is supposed to be tie-wrapped to the Unifit thing is no longer on the Unifit thing...looks like it came along for the ride when I removed the toilet. I was just wondering whether I can get a replacement rubber seal...or do I have to buy a whole new Unifit adapter?
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    I'd call Toto and explain the situation...they'll probably send you what you need.
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    Default The tie-wrap was the culprit

    Actually, the rubber part looks like it will be reusable. I just need a tie-wrap that will stay tied to secure the rubber seal to the unifit adapter. The teeth on the original tie-wrap are microscopic...no wonder it came undone.

    Just an FYI.
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