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Thread: Expansion tank neccessary - required?

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    What we have here is two separate questions and two separate answers. For the guy with the water heater. Yes, you need an expansion tank.

    For the guy with the boiler. The upper valve is a bypass and if you leave it open you will get water everywhere. Close it. The bottom valve needs to be open.

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    In general, "grandfather" clauses when something like the plumbing or electrical code changes, apply ONLY to existing, unchanged or modified situations. When you change it or replace it, all new codes apply. Many times, jurisdictions require certain things to be brought to current code at the time of sale of the property. Some common examples are requiring all 1.6 gpf toilets, earthquake straps on WH, safetybeam controls on automatic garage door, etc. And then the ubiquitous home inspector will flag other items, which will not mandated by law....if you want to close the deal, you have to play ball.

    PERMITS: MANDATORY virtually anywhere, for any electrical or plumbing beyond very minor repairs, even if you do the work yourself. Again, this will come back to bite you in the butt big time later.

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    And, I believe that if an unsafe or unsanitary condition exists the code inspector can make you fix it, regardless of how long it's been that way. With plumbing the goal is to protect eh health and safety of everyone, not just the homeowner.


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