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Thread: stainless steel point cloggged?

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    Default stainless steel point cloggged?

    I pulled up my stainless steel point and it was encrusted with sand. I put my water hose in it and it held water ~ 3/4 of the way up and "very" slowly drained. My questions are: 1. Should the point hold water like this? and 2. If not, how can I clean out the sand between the steel threads around the point? Thanks.

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    Steel threads around the point.. a wire brush, paint brush?

    Why not turn the pipe upside down and pound it on the ground to get most of the sand out/off things? If the sand is stuck fast to things, it isn't sand. It will be hardness scale or bacteria caused encrustations. Then you need an acid. Or a new screen point.
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    Thought it might be calcified too. Will try the acid. Thanks.


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