I have two wells, separated horizontally by about 400 feet, and vertically by about 75 feet. Both wells are 300 feet deep. I had them both tested by a lab. The upper Well was fine in most respects, but has a low ph of 6.2. I installed a PH neutralizer and it works very well. The Lower well was fine in most respects (good ph too) but had a raised Sodium level. For the life of me I couldn't fugure out where sodium would come from. That was 4 years ago. Today, the upper well has sodium levels now as well.

Now, across the road from me about 200 feet horizontally from the upper well is a neighbors well, with a Water Softener in the well house. The backwash hose for it just exits the building onto the ground. Could that be providing the sodium I'm detecting in my wells? If so, where should you have that backwash go? Even if you have it go into the septic, it just leaches out through the drainfield in the same manner, right?

Am I right in thinking that, or just being too paranoid?

Thank You.