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    Exclamation Floor Flange

    I had a 30 year old wax ring fail over the past few weeks and I finally discovered it. I have removed the toilet (to be replaced with TOTO drake) and the tile around the toilet. I would like to remove the flange from the drain pipe so that I can repair the subfloor properly and put on a new one to have some confidence going forward.

    My question is how is the flange attached to the drain pipe. they are both metal and it appears that the drain comes up and sits inside the flange. How do I remove the flange without damaging the drain?

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    It probably a cast iron flange and a cast iron drain pipe that are connected with a lead/oakum joint. While technically possible, it may be more than you want to tackle yourself. Leak/oakum joints were not intended for a week-end warrior. The smart thing to is to have a plumber remove the old flange and replace it when you have finished the floor repair. You can look into past ports about how to drill out the lead, etc if you really want to do it yourself, but if your time is worth anything, get a pro to do this...I wouldn't try it, and I'm a confirmed DIYer.

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    Default floor flange

    Gary is right..........
    If it's cast iron just crack the flange with a hammer and work it off the stub or pick out the lead and oakum. when the new finnished floor is down get some oakum and use the lead you took out and melt in a ladle and pour it in the joint. I suggest that you get a little deeper cast iron flange. Use the new flange to work the new floor around. just use it as a gauge till you are ready to Install your new flange.......


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