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Thread: Valve makes loud clacking/buzzing noise, leaks

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    Default Valve makes loud clacking/buzzing noise, leaks

    I've got a valve that makes a loud clacking/buzzing noise when it is activated. It sounds like someone is banging the pipes in our basement. Also, the pressure is reduced on this station, and it is submerged in water when it operates.

    1. Is this because there is a clog, a leak, a bad valve, or all three?

    2. What should I do next?


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    What kind of valve,and fix the leak.You may just have to change the solenoid.But if it is aged put in new valve,very little more money for all new........Upper

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    I am going to guess that it is a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) and it is in need of replacing...but we need more info to be sure...a pic would help...

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    Default Picture coming soon

    I am trapped in a dishwasher repair, but will put a picture up soon. It is old, and it has a solenoid and can be manually opened as well.

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    I have experienced this many times. Often it is the flow control on a valve is turned down too far and the valve can't open properly. This makes the diaphragm bounce up and down.


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