See part one under oil tank replacement thread

Now a recap 275 oil tank leak..estimate is 1600 for replacement tank
slim line tank should fit?? well it did not ok go with 138 gallon tank...need to order that on..I say how about two tanks single vent and fill..He has to check with Fire department....

ok wife says how about gas..ok we have gas in the house (good)...I call the guy, he calls back 1200-1400 for the burner and install....but warns me about how the hotter flame may damage furnace.
He will do a chamber inspection before install.

I ask him to price out a whole new furnace no price on that yet.

Local gas company gives $250 credit for switch over..They do not install equipment.

I have left messages with two other companies for estimates.

Anyway Hear are my questions

Should I go to gas?..pros no oil in house, no need to worry about if I run out (happened last year)..Gas is cleaner less cost for maintance

Go with new furnace or just burner? Cost, will old furnace last with new burner.

I am not sure if chimney is lined.

Forced Hot air system presently

Not sure how old current system is I am guessing from 70's

Please put in your two cents....and what would you do if you where in my place.