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Thread: bath drain removal

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    Default bath drain removal

    I am having quite a bit of difficulty removing the drain to the bathtub as it seems to be "frozen" in place. I have tried using one of the Drain-removal tools but still no luck. If one of the readers has a good solution, I would be most appreciative. Also, is removing this old drain going to cause more problems down the line.

    Thank you.

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    Sometimes the only way to remove an old drain is to drill many holes around the perimeter of the drain and chisel it out.

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    Hi Howard

    There is a high quality internal drain remover available at www.jonesstephens.com/breakout.htm

    If you get it out, what to you plan to replace it with?
    John Koessler
    Koessler Enterprises

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    Default No Tool works

    John have you used or know anyone who has used the strainer removal tool at jones? I've never know any to work on a brass strainer into a brass shoe after twenty years.


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