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Thread: PEX stubout to fixtures How to?

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    Default PEX stubout to fixtures How to?

    Im replumbing my house to PEX and searched previous threads on how to stub out from PEX to fixtures. I seem to read that it is possible to run the PEX all the way to the stop valve and that there are either compression stops that can be used directly with PEX (a Brasscraft using SS ferrule insert was mentioned). Or perhaps valves that connect PEX directly to the fixture like this one (?):

    So I like bringing the PEX all the way to the stop valve, because seems like it would eliminate all in wall connections. However, I cannot envision how the PEX coming out of the wall is secured and/or how the stop valves are secured.

    Any info greatly appreciated.

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    One of these dresses up the piping, especially important if it's exposed to UV


    One of these to support the stub out from the wall to the valve.

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    Great! Thanks for the advice. That seems like what I need.

    Now, if they could combine the two (so that, say, the chrome sleeve threads onto the bend support) that would be even better. Otherwise, won't the chrome be still a bit "floppy" and perhaps not quite perpendicular since it is only supported by the rigidity of the PEX? (I'm thinking of WC supply).


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