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Thread: Solatube with a fan

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    Default Solatube with a fan

    Has anyone installed a Solatube with a fan (110 cfm) add-on? I am trying to figure out whether this fan works as good as a regular 110 cfm Panasonic ventilation fan.
    Thank you for you help.

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    I have one (an older design) and I find it works great. My bathroom is in a townhouse, with no windows in that room. Even after years, I sometimes reach for the light switch to turn it off when it is only the skylight that is on. In the winter after a snowstorm, there's enough glow from the moon and streetlights to see in the room. Mine has the older parabolic mirror; the new ones use a Fresnel lense, which is supposed to be more effective. The remote fan means that it is very quiet as well. I also have the optional light in mine.
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