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Thread: Low pressure/flow Moen Shower

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    Default Low pressure/flow Moen Shower

    I recently drained/flushed my water heater, finding much gunk and flaked off lime deposits in the process. A day or two after, my wife and I noticed low flow in the shower. I checked the flow in the second floor shower and it was ok.

    The house is three years old.
    The faucet is a Moen Posi-temp

    Does this sound like a clogged cartridge. Will a removal of the cartridge likely turn up something that a clean and rinse might remedy?

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    Default Shower Problem

    Anytime you shut off water you should flush out all of the lines connected to it. Its a good chance you have dirt in your shower valve. Start with the shower head and make sure its clean, that may solve the prob., if not you have to go to the valve and check for dirt, luck.

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    Well, it wasn't the shower head. So I'll be diggin' into the valve.

    I'm curious about your recommendation to "flush the lines".

    Not to pose a stupid question, but, How is flushing done in home plumbing?
    Do I attach a water source at the faucets and back-flush ?

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    On things that have a cartridge, you can take it out and have someone turn the water back on. This can get pretty messy, so you need to be careful, and be around to direct the water somewhere it won't do damage or be on too long.
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