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Thread: Tankless with well water??

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    Talking propane tankless ???

    being on propane makes me think you are out in the boonies

    keep that in mind when you need service someday..

    the two riannias are as good as any of them....
    if you are hell bent to go propane tankless.

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    Well not really in the "boonies", but off the beaten path enough that the Gas Co. has not brought lines up here, just like there are no public water lines here either...fine by me as well water is MUCH CHEAPER!

    There are plenty of certified plumbers in the area so I'm not worried about future servicing of a tank or tankless heaters. As a matter of fact my mother in law, who lives just up the road, had a tankless installed about a year ago.

    One of the reasons we're thinking about tankless is that currently the BW 55 gal heater, that we have configured, is in a small closet inside our master bedroom walk in closet. This closet will be accessed from the outside but it is taking up valuable space in our closet that would otherwise be an additional 6 linear feet of shelf and pole (two 3' sides of a square).

    A tankless could be installed on the outside of the home thus we would regain the space in our master WIC.

    We just want to make sure we build this the right way when it comes to hot water demands. It is very common for my wife and I to take showers at the same time in the evenings after working on the ranch all day. If we were to do this the potential total water demand could be in the range of 30 gpm from the two showers if all heads were running (not likely, but possible). I realize that not all 30 gpm demand will be "hot" water.

    We are at an elevation of 4332 and we get very cold temperatures, freezing at times and occasional snows. Not sure how outdoor tankless solve this situation.

    I really appreciate any and all advice and information. THanks!

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    My rule of thumb is

    never put a tankless heater in a friends house
    never put a tankless heater in a relatives house
    never put a tankless heater in your own house


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