For some reason I have 2 zones that are coming on at the same time. I have verified at the controller that there is only power to one zone at a time. I then traced the wire to where it comes into the control box and it appears to be wired correctly. Valve 1 has a white and blue wire and valve 2 has a white and red wire which corresponds to the same zones in the controller. If I unhook just the red or blue wire both valves still come on when you activate either zone 1 or 2. If I completely unhook the 2 wires from one of the valves then it operates correctly. What could be causing this?
Just a note this is a six zone system with 2 valve boxes. One has 2 valves and the other has 4 valves. The main problem is in the box with 2 valves but the other box does have 2 valves doing the same thing. I did find where the wires are spliced together and everything looks good.