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Thread: Venting a shower

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    Default Venting a shower

    Looking for some advice on venting a shower. In photo "IMG00009.jpg" you will see the horizontal drain line. The right vertical line is the vent stack. The left vertical is the drain for the sink. Is the shower already vented according to plumbing code or do I need to attach a vent closer to the shower drain?

    In photo "IMG00007.jpg" you will see the sink venting. The towel is plugging a "T-fitting" that I was thinking of using for the shower vent if I needed it.

    Also, what is the standard thickness I need for the sub-floor of the shower pan and the rest of the shower? Is 3/4" plywood enough? I will put mud down on top of that.

    Thanks for your help.
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    The shower is not vented.

    You will need to add a wye with vent, and that can tie into the vent for the lav.
    Normally you would raise the vent a little higher then the flow line of the pipe.

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    O don't think the floor joists look wide enough to be able to get away with doing that Terry. I think I would tear it all out and wet vent the shower through the lav.

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    Thanks for your response. I posted a picture with the vent line and fittings drawn-in. Can you please confirm this is what you were referring to?

    The vertical line connects to the same vent as the sink.

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    I definitely do not have enough room to put the wye fitting vertically onto the shower drain. I could put it horizontal with a slight up-angle towards the back wall. Is that not good enough?

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    If the combination for the shower wasn't rolled up as it currently is then there would be enough elevation to properly vent it.


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