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Thread: American Standard Champion Opinion and Issue

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    Whoops !! Sorry ,it's


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    Quote Originally Posted by jluksic
    Terry and All,
    I reinstalled the bowl to tank - with your recommendations NOT to use a metal washer between the bolt head and rubber washer.

    PERFECT, no leak, 100% water tight.

    The solution above seems counterintuitive but results don't lie.

    Without the washer, you have this: Bottom side of rubber seals against porcelain; top side of washer seals against bolt head. Results: NO path for water to get out!

    Now, add the washer under the bolt head: Rubber still seals against porcelain; top of rubber seals against metal washer. BUT, nothing seals between bottom of bolt head and top of washer. Water seeps through. [In theory you could tighten enough to make a metal-to-metal seal. But with soft rubber and porcelain invloved, there is no way to make this that tight. Not even close.]


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