I purchased and installed an American Standard Champion this weekend. The tank had the "updated" flush/seal. I am an average handyman, able to start projects but struggle to finish correctly.

Removal of old and install of new Champion took about 30 minutes, easy.

Anyway, I 've read the comments on the AS Champion to date (mostly negative), here's mine:

1. Toilet "clunks" on flush. This is not a design flaw.

2. Incoming water seems to "turn-over" bowl contents, sometimes breaking them up - before sending down the drain.

3. Flush action is excellent.

4. Overall all grade is a strong B+. I'm sure there are better toilets but this is a good performer for $210 (Home Depot). Plus, I'd rather buy from HD/Lowes due to their generous return policies.

Now the bad:

1. AS instructions on the "tank" to "bowl" fitting are unclear. The instructions say to tighten the tank to bowl until seated. What it should say is to tighten the tank until it seats to the front of the bowl only (not rear).

As a result of my trial and error for a tight fit, I can not stop the leaking between the bowl and tank. I have tried various combinations of washers etc... but if anyone has an opinion or a sure fix for stopping tank/bowl leaks, please reply.