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Thread: Toto bowl water very low

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    Question Toto bowl water very low

    I have a Toto with a G-Max flushing system. When I do a regular flush (press and release), the toilet flushes, but the water in the bowl barely fills. You can see the 'ridge' in the bowl where the water line should be, and it does not acheive this. If you press and hold the handle during a flush, the bowl fills to the proper level upon completion of the flush. I understand from a previous post that a press and release flush will relase 1.6 gallons and holding will release more. Ok, that is fine for a more powerful flush, but why would the toilet bowl water not resume to the proper fill level inside of the toilet if you do a 'standard' flush? Is there something funky going on with my Toto or is this normal?


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    Default I think I fixed it

    I looked in the tank and noticed the hose was not pointed down the overflow tube. I clipped the hose on the tube so it would be squirting down the tube and I think all is well. I am not sure why a 'press and hold' flush would have filled it before, but maybe it was just the additional volume of water never made it out so the bowl was full. Does this sound plausable?

    More testing is needed to confirm. I am eating four cans of baked beans right now and going to Taco Bell for lunch. Wish me luck.

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