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Thread: 3/4" by 3/4" brass check valve?

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    Default 3/4" by 3/4" brass check valve?

    Is there such a thing as a 3/4" by 3/4" brass check valve for water heaters? My current setup has brass nipples going into the water heater and I don't know if they're check valves or not. Should I just disconnect the hot water line and use a screwdriver to see if there's a check valve in the brass nipple or? Thanks, Ken Reed

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    Do you want them to be check valves¿ Because I assure they are not.
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    they make heat trap nipples but I have never seen them in brass so I don't think yours are...definately not check valves...

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    I doubt what you are looking at is a check valve. But yes they do make 3/4" check valves. Here are a couple pictures of them.
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    Default Why I wanted to know

    Thanks for the responses. My 50 gallon gas Richmond water heater is making a clicking noise lasting 1-2 seconds every time the hot water is run. The noise is coming from the area of the brass nipple on the hot water side. I was told it was probably the check valve. Looks like it's not. Thanks, Ken Reed

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    The clicking noise is common with ball-check heat trap nipples. But the ones I have seen were galvanized, not brass.

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    Default noise

    The noise is probably coming from the heat trap on the hot OR cold connections to the heater. Who ever told you it was a check valve problem was wrong.

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    Default Heat trap

    I have no trouble showing my ignorance in admitting I don't know what a heat trap is, looks like, or how you check/replace one. Is it part of the water heater or part of the hot/cold water lines attached to the water heater? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks , Ken Reed


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