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    Question No Idea

    I stumbled across this site and realized I am in the right spot here. I have no clue what to look for but my water pressure throughout the house seems very low. It barely powers the small sprinkler outside. Faucet Shower ect are execeptionally painful to endure. The water inside spits and sputters anytime we use the hose outside....Weird or whatAlso there is a lot of coal sediment in our water, which in turn gives us a nice sulfer smell.I replaced the pressure switch and a big filter thing in the crawl space. These two items really had little effect at all. The reason I replaced the pressure switch is because the gauge was not working at all. Anyway we have a private well and the house was built about 10 yrs ago. I am no plumber by any means. I am not sure where to start troubleshooting, but this site looks like a good place to start.


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    Default well

    There are too many possible causes for this to be a beginners DIY project. Call a plumber or well company.

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    You don't have to be a plumber.... a logical thinker is just right.

    First, what pressure settings do you run the pump at?

    Have you checked and adjusted the air precharge pressure in the pressure tank with no water in it? If so what is the pressure?

    Do you have a shut off valve partially closed?

    How long do you run the hose before you get the spitting and air?

    How do you know the black stuff is coal? And how much of it do you get?
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