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Thread: Is this to code? (Stack Replacement)

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    Question Is this to code? (Stack Replacement)

    Well, six weeks later, we FINALLY got our cracked stack replaced. We got three estimates, went with the most expensive one and the nicest people who promised only quality work.

    Only now, we're not so sure we made the right decision. First of all, is the attached photo to code? This is a vertial CI stack on the exterior of our house. The coupling is about 8 or 9 feet off the ground. We were under the impression that they would replace it at the joint just above it...?

    Also, they said they would replace the rusted out brackets (2nd picture) that attach it to the house (the house is 100 yrs old - the plumbing is not but probably not too far behind). And, they said since the stack terminated just above the roof that they would extend it another six inches or so to clear the attic vent. They didn't do this. Neither of these last two items are in the estimate but was discussed at length with us - the extension was actually stated by the plumber as the way it needed to be done (not sure if to meet code or just to prevent the sewer gases from entering the attic...?).

    If the stack is okay, just let us know... We really have no idea. Thanks!
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