In preparing for our upcoming basement bathroom addition, I took my floor scraper and popped off about 5-6 12" grey vinyl tiles (they look like the everyday commercial ones). There was a black and beige glue bonding them to the concrete floor. After 5-6 (they all came up in one piece) it dawned on me that I wasn't thinking about asbestos potential. I'm not too worried about the tiles since they all seem to be popping up in one piece, so in theory I'm not releasing any fibers. I don't know about the glue though.

I was planning to get one of those mail-in test kits that they sell at the Borg. Half of the bathroom will be on what is now these 12" vinyl tiles, and half is on carpet. Under the carpet is a yellowish glue.

What's the best way to remove this glue from the concrete? Is there anything you can pour over it to put ceramic tile on top? Since it's a new bathroom, we will be cutting the slab floor so some of the glue will get removed that way.

From googling about this, it looks like the tiles were not manufactured after 1983. I also read that asbestos tiles were typically 9". Not knowing when the previous owner put them down...they look newer than what I would think this floor would look like after 26 years, but I have no way to know for sure.