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Thread: Sprinkler Pipe Popping Out

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    Default Sprinkler Pipe Popping Out

    I am trying to tap into the 1" PVC main service line

    So I installed the threaded compression tee. But the 1" main sprinkler pipe which connects to the outlet of the tee, keeps popping out of the compression tee when I turn the water back on.

    I tightened with a pipe wrench to make sure the sprinkler pipe is secured but it still keeps slippig out.

    Is it because the sprinkler shutoff valve is too close to the service line? I tapped in by going vertically about 6" and horizontally about 10" with the shutoff valve at the end.

    I'm not sure what to do. Maybe I should use a "slip" compression tee where the sprinkler pipe is glued into the compression tee. But then I couldn't find those at Home Depot or Lowes.

    Or is there too much pressure and it needs to be reduced?

    Does anyone have a solution or any advice. Thanks so much.


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    The pressure on the main line may be too high for a compression fitting, but you don't want to just reduce the pressure. Try restraining the pipe, or turning the pressure on slowly.

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    I would find a slip- fix and glue it in.......Upper


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