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Thread: Max Gilpin, solutions for future football practice habits.

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    Default Max Gilpin, solutions for future football practice habits.

    In the NFL, cool misting fans can be found on the sidelines to prevent heat exhaustion during a game.
    Most high schools figure that the kids are young, and that they will survive.

    Max Gilpin was one that didn't survive high school practice.

    For those that have ever been to restaurants with the cool misting stations, you will know what I mean.

    Go ahead and run the kids, get them in shape, but on these hot days, make sure they have fluids, and a way to cool down if they get overheated.

    One company that specializes in this technology is Kold Breeze.
    I can't think of a more cost effective way to help our kids.
    I love watching high school football, let's keep the kids healthy while they are learning.
    The last time I visited Los Angeles, they had these around the pool area.

    Max Gilpin Video

    Senseless Death
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