My other thread was: Central Air Questions for Old Home.

I am going Single Zone with unit placed in attic.

New Question:
What is the best way to run the ductwork from within the attic?
I’ve heard several ways. One said ductwork around perimeter of attic then tap off that for different rooms. Another said a strait branch with shoots for different rooms off that. Are those the same?

I’d like to keep some storage in the attic if I can.

I asked if they can run from the blower outside, whatever they normally up the side of the house, through the house instead. Is this okay? I’m also asking that they put registers in the walls from closets rather than the ceiling, if possible. This all makes my head dizzy. I don't want to lose the character of the home.

I just don’t want to say to myself…I should have done it this way instead.

BTW – I’m going 16 SEER Rheem