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Thread: Kinetico Model no. 30 Problems

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    Great forums!

    I'm really not to sure how old this softener is but I can tell you by the looks of it it's old. In the three years we have lived here the water has always had a hard water feel and a sulfer like smell to it. We were using some kind of regular salt in and were advised to switch to Clearwater premium Rust Out. This seems to really help with the hardness of the water however, My wife bought two bags just recently that was not the Clearwater. I reluctantly ran those two bags of salt through the system and noticed the water had gone back to the "hard and rusty" as I mentioned earlier. I refilled this time around with the Rust out and the water is now worse than ever. It's alomost like there is no softener at all. I noticed in another post the turing the dial on top should make different sounds but unlike their softener, ours does not have a "service" or "recharge" area on the dial. This sucker must be old. I would like to troubleshoot first as any man does before just scrapping the old and in with the new. What are some key points I need to check in the "problem" area that I may do at home to fix this water peroblem.

    p.s. I have a 5 month old newborn and if it's not resolved soon I will replace the whole unit. I'm just trying to save the 1,500 bucks if I can fix it myself.

    Thank you in advance for any replies.

    I have included a few pictures.
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