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Thread: Leaky Faucet - Can't find screw

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    Default Leaky Faucet - Can't find screw

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forum and had some questions about my faucet. I've googled around and found many guides to how to fix the faucet and I've actually fixed my kitchen faucet. The problem with my bathroom faucet is that I can't remove the handle to get to the stem and everything beneath. I can't find the screw that should allow me to remove the handle. I've taken some pics and welcome plenty of advice. Is there some kind of screwdriver that goes in that hole? I've tried phillips and allen so far. Thanks


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    In the photo, it looks as though the screw is missing. Have you tried to remove the handle with anything besides your hands? I mean like a faucet puller? This may not work but you'll have a mechanical advantage. How about replacing the entire unit? Good luck!
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    I dont think there is anything missing because I have many of these types of handles in my house. The caps all unscrew like that and have a hole there.

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    There is only 1 screw that holds the handle and you seem to have already removed it.

    Gently pry on the handle with a long flat blade wedged between the counter and the bottom of the handle.

    Try and work the handle up equally around the circumference.

    It's just gummed up and has created a lot of friction to hold it on.


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