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Thread: Lochinvar Water Heaters

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    Am I missing something??? This seems to show that Lochinvar is a brand name of A O Smith > http://www.aosmith.com/OperatingUnit...il.aspx?id=138

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    So far, I've had no problems with my Lochinvar, however, I have a leaky tub faucet and since, I get a boiler smell outside my house, but the Lochinvar appears to work, I just wonder if the water heater is strained by the leak.

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    Default lochinvar has gone to hell

    Lochinvar has been bought out by SMITH probably to their get hands on
    the boiler line that Lochinvar they sells...

    The new design of the heater is a disgrace.. They totally threw out
    the old Bradford White design that has worked for about 10 years now with no
    problems and have introduced their crappy Smith design which is exactly like
    the "whirlpool design" of heater.... I honestly dont understand what they
    are thinking....

    look at this pic... it is EXACTLY like the whirlpool units and this peice of crap
    will probably clog up in no time...

    Perhaps they are hoping that somehow their new honeywell gas valve is
    going to keep the lint form building up under the heater???
    Or maybe that valve wont over heat when the unit gets starved for air
    which it absolutely has to do over time......

    I thought that they bought out Lochinvar to get their hands on the the Bradford white design, which is a great design
    .....but now it appears that they have basically screwed themselves here....


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