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Thread: Low Pressure on 2 heads

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    I'm new to the world of irrigation etc, but have an annoying problem. My front yard has an underground sprinkler system with the pop up brass sprinkler heads. It comes straight from the main water line to the house. Right before the first sprinkler head, the line splits in two, one going north one south. On the south run, there are 8 heads. It is 3/4" pvc all the way down the line. The last 2 have terrible pressure, and just sort of squirt out maybe a foot-2 feet. The north run has 3 brass heads and one impact turning sprinkler and no problems. Is this just a "too many heads for one run" problem? I just planted grass seed and need to water, so I need to fix it soon. I didn't really notice the problem earlier since one of the sprinkler heads was completely buried, and I only found it when prepping the soil for the seed. Any thoughts? It may be a pipe dream(pun intended) but I'd love to not disturb the new seed too much I attached a diagram of the yard.
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