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Thread: Ductless bathroom exhaust fan

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    Default Ductless bathroom exhaust fan

    I just had a bathroom built in my basment and need to exhaust the fan to the outside however I was hoping to use a Broan or other ductless exhaust bathroom fan and was wondering if others have used this type of exhaust fan and does it work well and will it pass code in Maryland or else where.

    thanks for any advice.

    Shelby from Md.

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    Default fan

    "ductless" usually means it recirculates through a filter and if so, it will do nothing to remove humidity.

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    The only ductless version that might work is a through-the-wall unit. Just like the ductless stove vents, they are almost useless...don't extract any smells, moisture, and very little smoke and grease. Now, if you can blow it outside, you'll have much better results.
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    These help "clear the air" but if you have a tub or shower and no window, they will not meet the code.


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