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    Hello, i have two problems, My Ac unit in my attic will not drain properly due to a clog in the 90 of the pvc pipe comming out of the unit(can't reach in to cut pvc). i was told to blow compressed air into the outlet(drain side, outside unit), but don't want it going farther into the unit.
    since its plugged the water is comming out of the corner of the unit in to the overflow pan..

    Also where can i get a emergency overflow pan?
    im in Dallas TX, for anyone in the area.
    i found a bigger pan but i'd like the same size as what is on it.

    it is 25" x 54"

    all i can find is 30" x 60"

    thank you in advance for any help

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    Can you snake it, with flexible tubing or a coat hanger wire?

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    Overflow pans are site-built by the installer. DO NOT blow back from the outside, and DO NOT do this with compressed air. That is dangerous with plastic pipe. A CO2 Gallo gun is safer, and you need to just get up there and cut the plastic pipe as necessary to do this, then rebuild

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    Default water

    Blow from the outside. The water will only back up into the pan a little ways and then start draining. You will NEVER exceed the pressure rating of the PVC with compressed air, unless it is already severely plugged, and in that case it will not respond to ANY cleaning and will need replacement, (but this is such a rare condition that you do not even have to consider it at this time). But, you do not need compressed air, all you need is a tight fitting hose that you can blow into. You already have the excess water coming out of the unit so a little more is not going to change anything.
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    If you are able to get to the end of the condensate line from the outside, then get a vacuum cleaner and suck it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geno54 View Post
    If you are able to get to the end of the condensate line from the outside, then get a vacuum cleaner and suck it out.
    We have a winner!
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