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Thread: Danze vs. Delta vs. Moen

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    Default Danze vs. Delta vs. Moen

    For shower sets (valve and shower head), can anyone recommend chossing between these brands or others in the same price range? I'm leaning toward Delta, but I've also heard good things about Danze, and I see some attractive pricing on Danze products.

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    Default Danze

    I just bought a new Danze shower head and am very pleased with it. (D461025).

    My old head was a Danze as well and it had split where the piece with the holes in it was joined with the body of the head.

    The head is about 3.5 inches wide and has a very relaxing "rain shower" effect. It cost me about 45 dollars. Shhhh.... I did remove the water saver washer but I find that my shower is shower is shorter because rinsing is more effective. For example, with the old head I would have to run my hands through my hair 12 or 15 times to get the soap out... Now it is rinsed with only 5 runthroughs.

    Also, I have a large (100 lb.) dog who hates taking a shower. I bathed him this weekend and he really liked it (he usually scrambles to get out and with the new head, he was much more relaxed).

    I know this is not scientific advice, but its my 2 cents worth.

    Good luck!


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