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Thread: Bathtub composition question

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    Default Bathtub composition question

    I am getting quotes for having a new bathtub (and surrounding walls) and have had three contractors out.

    The first said that he only installs Americast tubs because it has a lifetime warranty and will never stain, crack or discolor and is better than any of the other tubs because they are basically made of plastic. It is the best you can get for the price.

    The second said he only installs acrylic tubs because they will last forever and will never stain, crack, or discolor. Basically the same line as the first guy - it is the best you can get. When I asked him about the Americast, he said that is a different process that uses a porcelain finish that will eventually stain and is thinner than the acrylic tubs that he installs. He advised me to stay away from Americast.

    Then I invited a third contractor for an estimate. As with the first two, he basically said his product was the best and he only installs polymer (DuraBath SSP) tubs. When I asked him about the acrylic tubs he said they are as porous as the Americast ones and will eventually discolor. He claims that since polymer is not porous it will never stain or discolor and of course, has a lifetime warranty. He advised me to stay away from acrylic and Americast.

    So with these conflicting statements, I am seeking unbiased opinions about bath tub compositions. I know these guys are salesmen and are trying to sell their products, but I need honest opinions. All run around the same price.

    Appreciate any advice, suggestions or comparisons. Thanks!
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    Americast is actual porcelain enamel. No acrylic or other product is as hard or more resistant to staining....in my opinion.

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    Default tubs

    You are not going to get unbiased opinions. Any finish can be damaged by improper cleaning methods. Americast is a "different" finish. It will get rub marks on it, but it also cleans up. It will chip, and repairing it takes a professional with the proper knowledge of the material. It is my first choice, but only because it is easier to handle than cast iron. The acrylic tubs I have installed were customer supplied so I have no idea how they have performed.


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