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Thread: Mansfield outdoor anti syphon faucet

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    Default Mansfield outdoor anti syphon faucet

    My mansfield anti syphon faucet will not turn off. I don't know what model it is but they were put in when my house was built 13 years ago. When you try to turn it off, it starts to screw down but then pops back out. Will a repair kit fix it or or does it need a new stem or even more than that?

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    Sounds like you need to rebuild the hose bibb. You should be able to purchase a repair kit that comes with all the parts. I suggest you replace as much as possible!

    If you're able to replace the entire hose bibb this is your best bet!

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    If you can access the point inside the house where the faucet connects to the main water line, I wouldn't mess with trying to rebuild the old faucet. These are usually screwed into a female adapter that is attached to the supply line. It requires two wrenches to remove, one to twist and one on the adapter to provide counter force to keep from damaging the supply line. Reverse process to install the new one. Rebuilding will probable take more time to find the parts, disassemble the old faucet, and figure out how it goes back together than just to put a new faucet in. No access? Then rebuild is your only option.


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