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Thread: baffle is loose in a 1000' gallon septic tank?

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    Default baffle is loose in a 1000' gallon septic tank?

    i have just had my 1000' gallon fiberglass septic tank (of 20 years) pumped and the guy who pumped it pointed out that the the baffle that seprates the tank into 2 separate chambers is coming loose from the side walls of the tank? the seal on the side of the baffle is leaking.... also there is only one opening in the baffle? a 3" hole near the top of the baffle... he recommended that i drill 3 additional 3" holes near the bottom of the baffle and he also said that i should repair the baffle... is this something that i should do? should i crawl in there and patch in with a fiberglass repair kit? with a good fan to clear the fumes... or should i leave the tanks with just the one whole between the chambers? the first chamber was about 1/2 filled with sludge and the 2nd had much less sludge in it... any advice is appreciated
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