I am preparing to install our Navien 210A tankless water heater soon. I will do the water pipe and electrical work myself, then hire a licensed plumber to complete the gas installation.

My question relates to use of PVC pressure pipe. Our current domestic pipes are 3/4" soldered copper. I've done quite a bit of modification to our pipes over the years with L-grade 3/4" soldered copper. I recently installed a cycle stop valve, which works beautifully! I bought some decent quality 1" shut-off valves and a pair of 4.5 x 10" water filter housings to prefilter sediment upstream from our tankless heater.

I wonder if there's any reason why I shouldn't connect the valves and filters using 1" white PVC pressure pipes and PVC cement? Is there any safety risk or code violation using PVC for domestic cold water pipes? Will cured PVC cement hold 45-62 PSI over many years without leaking?

PVC would be a cost savings and would take about 1/2 the time to construct versus copper. I can use pre-threaded PVC pieces to make my job easier. I don't plan on using any PVC on the hot water side... just 3/4 inch copper. Thanks.