Hey all,

I have an existing 2" black iron pipe natural gas line (that has been sleeved) between my curb stop and my house (gas meter inside). <B>I'd like to build a garge over this gas line.</B> Near the house, the pipe is only 12" - 18" below grade. I do not know how deep it is near the curb stop because I've been unable to locate it. (It is probably buried).
As far as the foundation is concerned, I am planning on putting something in the form to "take up space" around the pipe so the two can move independently. What is a good choice for this? I was thinking about wrapping the pipe with bubble wrap. Most likely the footer will be poured to grade using the existing earth as a form so I wouldn't be able to remove whatever I put in there.
What should I do to the gas line under the slab? It will most likely not be exposed, but should it become exposed (perhaps they dig to deep for the gravel or it's buried very shallow), then what?
I didn't call the gas company because here in Columbus I actually own the gas pipe between the curb stop and my meter. Odd, I know.