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    Question High Efficiency Boilers


    I have a 4000 square ft living space with a 30 year old Boiler in Michigan. The home is a Brick colonial built in 1948, with an addition built in 1978. I don't believe the walls in the older section are insulated, and it is likely to be of a balloon framing.
    My natural gas bills during winter are very high and I would like to slash them by investing in a Very High Efficiency boiler. I have measured and totalled the number of radiators and baseboard heaters.

    I also want to heat my hot water with this boiler, however, I have been told that I should have a storage tank. My understanding was that Buderus and Baxi provide instant hot water and I would not need a tank. These add on storage tanks are very expensive and my father in-law suggests that I keep my current gas water heater, but insert a stripped down, unpowered electric water heater in-line, ahead of my water heater so I could prewarm supply water to the tank to room temp and thereby save money.
    Trouble is, I don't know which boiler/setup is best for my home?

    My father works as an electrician and has been impressed by Viessman and Buderus.

    My local plumber recommends Baxi bc it fully modulates something...

    Another guy seems to only installs Knight/Lochinvar

    I figure someone here truly knows the best device. Key points for me are, if it breaks can I get parts?

    Will the company be around for sometime to come?

    Are standard parts compatible? (I understand Lennox does not have standard parts or fittings)

    Which boiler presents the best value?
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