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Thread: How to stop a sweating toilet

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    Default How to stop a sweating toilet

    I've looked back at some of the past threads on sweating toilets. I have owned a Drake for about six months now and really like it. However it sweats alot more than the old Kohler we had. Is there anyway to effectively stop or cut down on the sweating. Both the tank and the stool are sweating. Even if I dry off the tank and don't flush it condensation will reappear within an hour. Do the insulation kits that you get at Lowes or HD do any good? Thank you. I really like this website. I look at it quite a bit

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    If the bowl is sweating, you have a leak.
    Put food dye in the tank, and see if it winds up in the bowl.

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    Thank you for the quick reply. I haven't flushed the toilet for about 5 hours and I dried it then. There is now a lot of condensation on the bowl and the tank. When you say it is leaking do you mean the flapper is leaking? If so what do I do to fix that? I don't know alot about the inner workings. It is quite hot and humid today. 77 degrees and we have had 4" of rain in the last 2 days. I will dry it off again and put food coloring in the tank. Thanks again.

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    Terry, I put quite a bit of red food coloring in the tank about five hours ago and nothing leaked thru to the bowl. I think the reason I had condensation on it after I dried it is because I had recently flushed it. After not flushing it for 8 hours and drying it 3 hours after the last flush there is no condensation anywhere on it. I think the condensation I find on the tank and the bowl is because of the cold water coming in on such a humid day. Back to my original question, is there some after market insulation fix to improve the situation? Thanks

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    Watts #WAS Anti Sweat Valves are quite common here...
    They work well... They are quite common in older homes where the older toilets use more water. A new low flow toilet would probably go a long way in curing the problem as well.

    Watts webpage for Anti-Sweat Valve Chick Here

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    I do not understand the reason for the Watts non-sweat valve.

    Why not just plumb hot water to the tank instead? Why mix it with cool?

    You're going to tell me it's a scald issue aren't you?

    I saw this once, just the once, in England.
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    That happened in the last place I rented back in the mid-80's. It was a new building and the hot and cold water was completely reversed, except for the toilet in the first floor half bath. The toilet upstairs started steaming the first time I used it. The plumbers had to come in and run a new line to the toilet upstairs (and it was, as the professionals here would say a "hack job"), and then they rotated the valves on the Moen faucets to simulate the hot and cold on the correct sides.

    BTW, I have not had problems with Drake or Cadet 3 sweating.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gills View Post
    Why not just plumb hot water to the tank instead? Why mix it with cool?
    I had a call a year ago, water was dripping from inside the tank and out the outside of the tank.

    Plumber installed the hot water line and the heat from inside the tank was making water collect on the inside of the top of the tank and dripping down and on the outside of the tank.

    Not sure what hot water would do to the rubbers inside of the tank, it may make them warp.


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