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Thread: Commercial Urinal?

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    Default Commercial Urinal?

    I remodel residences, but now I am being sucked into a one time commercial redo. The pastor of a small church liked the job I did on his daughter's bathroom and wants me to redo the tile and vanities in the 2 bathrooms at the church. Not a problem except for the fact that I went and looked at the job today and found a commercial urinal. The toilets are no problem since they have the standard cutoff valves.

    All that is visible, besides the pipe, on the urinal was 2 large nuts. I am hoping one of these might be a water cutoff?

    Can I expect the same odds of the cutoff never being used and not really cutting off all the way? Or is the type of valve more reliable in commercial products? The church is 30 yrs old and guessing it is probably the original urinal.

    Maybe someone knows of a web site with pictures of a commercial installation? Or better yet, an exploded view of the cutoff valve and other gut parts of the urinal.

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    Something like this?


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