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Thread: Need soft water

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShezaKG1 View Post
    Ya, I know it is not the first choice but, sometimes necessary. We do it all the time in my area. Water will stink so bad you would not want to be in the room. My tank is about 10 years old and it is fine to far. Really to replace them isn't that expensive. IF it is the anode, nothing will take the smell out. BTW, I did not know they made aluminum rods.
    That's not all you don't know. You're giving people some bad advice. Removing a rod voids the heater warranty plus...

    A hot water only odor is caused by bacteria in the water reacting with the anode rod and creating H2S gas. The water must also have some sulfates in it.

    To prove what some here will probably call the theory, increase the temp to 140f for an hour or overnight and see if the odor doesn't go away. Since it does, that is proof of the theory because it kills the bacteria responsible for the creation of the odor. Hence no more odor until more bacteria arrive with the incoming water; that's if you turn the temp down again. The bacteria is harmless and called SRB (sulfate reducing bacteria) and IRB (iron) can cause the odor also.
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    The Testosterone here is burning my eyes.
    I can't see...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    The Testosterone here is burning my eyes.
    I can't see...

    I wish I was spayed or neutered, just like bob barker.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    HEY! A Girl driller! That is cool, sorry didn't mean to offend you, I thought... I smelled some great perfume here.
    I was hoping it wasn't Rugged, LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammyhydro11 View Post
    This forum needs a someone to properly keep things in line. If someone without the proper experience is moderating the forum, how on earth can they keep it going smooth? I'm not alone when i say Gary is a nuisance. I am also asking for recommendations from people here to make me a Moderator for this forum. I have the proper experience and the License and Certs to back it.



    I am the new well moderator and will slap you guys silly when you get out of place. You will be crying.

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    Rule number one, NO name calling... unless, I do it first.

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    Secondly, you are too involved to be a moderator here.
    This forum needs a woman touch. ASK MY KIDS.

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    And, I recognize the ban button and it applies to anyone who makes a mark on these pages. I LOVE the ban button.

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    I love BULLIES. I know bullies. That is it, it is done. Any complaints, type it on this page.

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    So Sheza, tell me what do you think of drilling? How long have you been doing it?

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    Better yet, Sheza I got to ask, what got you into it? It is a family line? Electrical is in mine, I got my first class license in electrical, got it when I was 21. My dad was in electical, his dad, my brother, his son, my uncles, their sons, it goes back to Franklin.

    My grandmother made the kite.

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    That is up for debate Sammy.

    Sometimes it is not all that you know, it is how you use what you know, and to know what you need to know, what you are lacking.

    That is all taught when you learn to teach. You just don't learn how to teach a child his A B C's... but, you learn how to keep harmony and peace, because when you got a group of people in any setting what do we got people? DISHARMONY in the making.

    Humor goes a long way. Patience. Not belittling is helpful at all times. Oh, there are many methods taught on how to teach your subject.

    By the way, Sammy I teach big kids. College kids. Have been for years.

    The best of people with all the knowledge in the world make the worst teachers because they have no communication skills with a diverse group of people.

    You have a diverse group here. I can smell the male hormones, the female perfumes, , lollipops, breath mints, beer, and coffee... ( that is mine)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammyhydro11 View Post
    Other Water Well Professionals would agree that your opinion on the situation is also up for debate. How someone with no water well experience gets to Moderate a water well forum is beyond me. If you don't understand the arguments, you would just call it fighting but if you did understand it then your opinion would be different and you would refrain from referring to me as a child.


    Well, people are calling people little old men, and sooooooo many other insults being batted around here to the point where you guys may not realize it, but posters don't even come back! I find it FIGHTING...

    and, yes, childish. Children fight. Adults talk and work it out.

    What are your reasons for wanting to be a MOD? SO you can ban the ones you don't want here? I am not just talking about Gary, I am talking about anyone you don't want here or who doesn't or won't agree with you. Because incase you haven't noticed, that is not how Terry works his forum.

    Terry has alot of ethics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShezaKG1 View Post
    Sammy and I do not always agree. I am for him being a mod.
    The nice thing about this, is this, it is Terry's Forum.

    Terry if he even decides he wants a Mod for this one, he may not ( I was just kidding about me) has to be someone who can handle bickering, fighting, cajoling, insults, meaness, errors, with fairness, and discretion being able to work things out.

    This is entirely up to the man who pays the bills. I always thought Mods handle people not tools. The President is like one huge MOD, and he is not familiar, licensed, or gainfully employed in each trade in the USA. Yet, he moderates all his people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Slusser View Post
    The Fleck 5600 spec sheet shows any of its versions is not to be used on a softener larger than a 2.0 cuft 12" diameter tank. With up to 55 gpg of hardness, not counting any iron or manganese, a 2.0 cuft softener is way undersized for even a 2 person household UNLESS you want very poor salt efficiency and to have to regenerate it every two to three days.

    Andy, can you be more specific when you say things so others, including me don't have to guess at your meaning? Doesn't cheap usually refer to poor quality? To me and most people, it does. Or do you mean 'lower priced' softeners are price wise cheaper than your way overpriced nonelectric and otherwise featureless Kinetico?

    You know I'm not Certified and you call me unprofessional, yet again, here you go expecting me to be professional... DUH!

    As the wordsmith I know you to be, howsabout you type exactly and clearly, exactly what you mean to say and have others understand you to mean? Nail it down so there is no way anyone, especially me, can misquote you or misunderstand, or think you meant to say something else? And recall what Terry, the owner of the forum, told you about your complaints of me in the past; although you aren't including 'verbal assault', or 'derogative comments and aggressive behavior' now. Here's a copy.

    I am not sure what is happening here but I am being verbally assaulted by Gary Slusser. I am trying to get to the bottom of patrick88's problem and Gary continues to assail my inquiries with a derogative comments and aggressive behavior.

    I am doing my best to ignore such abuse and I am counting on you to moderate and mediate...as is what I feel is prudent and proper.
    Please respond here if you would.
    Thank you,

    You may be a little too sensitive to be here.

    So far, I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary here.
    Terry Love


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