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Thread: Need soft water

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    How is making you a mod going to cure the problem? I have read the well forum posts.

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    You simply don't take the time or to really breathe to read any posts even mine. You act. I advise you to do this for your own good before you have a nervous breakdown over this MOD thing...


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    I give up. What don't you understand? I am not trying to give you well, drilling, water experience knowledge. lol.

    Sammy, what can I say. Did you actually go back and reread a few posts?? I guess not.

    Why do you argu so?

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    That's all folks! Gary Slusser's Avatar
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    If anyone wants to read it, here is the link to the thread and me mentioning salt bags. It's just a bit different than has been described here.

    p.s. Reading the list of candidates, and because I never leave home without my sense of humor, I think I should go get a mod haircut and run for moderator too.
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