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Thread: Trying to figure out what is causing water hammer?

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    Default Trying to figure out what is causing water hammer?

    I just moved into my newly built house and what do you know I already have water hammer whenever I flush the downstairs toilet or whenever the washing machine stops filling with water. My real dilema is that this is the exact same problem I was having with my old house which was only 5 years old. I say to myself there is no way 2 houses are going to have the exact same problem so I do some detective work and find out that when I turn off the water to the washing machine I don't get the hammer. I figure it must be something wrong with the washer so I talk to a couple of experienced people who have dealt with washers alot and they said they have never heard of that. They have heard of water hammer when the washing machine stops filling with water, but not by just turning the water on to the washer causing the hammer. Has anybody ever heard of this?

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    When you say "water hammer" are you talking about something in the pipes or is the sound more like the pipes are rattling?
    Sometimes the pipe with move and hit against a stud or joist and make a banging noise.
    There's plenty of easily installed hammer arresters.
    Check here hammer

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    Keep in mind that both of the functions you describe shut the flow off abruptly. Not like turning a faucet off by hand.

    You may also want to check you water pressure which may be on the high side, which will exasperate the condition.

    Is it the same washing machine? Could be a loose solenoid bracket / water line in the washer.


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