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Thread: Fuse Size?

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    Default Fuse Size?

    I have a six station sprinkler system controller that is a watermaster model 57116. It has worked this season but I turned it off when heavy rains came and it will not restart - no display. I changed the batteries and tried to change the fuse. Does anyone know the fuse size? Home Depot said one amp but I can't read the tiny writing and changing the fuse to a fresh one amp did not work. Nothing else appears to me wrong and just want to see if I have the correct amp size before paying to have someone come look at it. Any other ideas about cause? Appreciate the assist.

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    Most of the time, a blown fuse will not cause the programmer to not work, only the valves wont turn on. Check the 24v input, you may have a bad wall cube.

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    Default fuse

    If the fuse did not blow as soon as you turned the system on, it was probably adequate to at least test the system.

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