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Thread: Sprinkler zone valve size

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    Default Sprinkler zone valve size

    I have a sandpoint irrigation well with a 2" supply to the pump and a 1-1/2" output. That is reduced down to 1" PVC which supplies 5 zone valves (Rainbird 1", 24V). I then have 1" poly main lines for each zone with 1/2" branching off the the individual sprinkler heads. I have neighbors that have similar pump setups with the exception that they use quarter-turn ball valves and manually start their pumps to water their lawns and their sprinklers seem to have better pressure and coverage than mine. My question is, would I improve my system performance by removing the 1-1/2" to 1" reduction and run 1-1/2" PVC into my valve box and replace the 1" valves with 1-1/2" valves. I'm wondering if the 1" valves are causing me a greater friction loss than my neighbors are seeing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    How many sprinklers per zone? How much water does each sprinkler want to use? Upper


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