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Thread: Replacing the current gas heater with a smaller heater

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    Default Replacing the current gas heater with a smaller heater


    One of my relatives' water heater is leaking from the bottom. It appears that the bottom is corroded and probably needs to be replaced with a new one. They currently have a Richmond 7K50 50 gallon gas, 40,000 BTU. First hour is 74 gallon.

    They used to have several kids around the house, but they have all grown and left the house. The question is can they save some money and install a smaller unit. There is a GE Model GG40T06AVG01 at Home Depot that has a 40 gallon tank, 36,000 BTU, but the first hour is only 67 gallon. Do you think this is enough for 2 people and may be 3 (when someone visits). Will there be a problem with hooking up compatibility?

    The dad will apparently hook up the heater. He has apparently done the last two.

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