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Thread: Moving Refrigerator water line Pex ?

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    Default Moving Refrigerator water line Pex ?

    Hi... I have a quick question..

    We are moving our refrigerator to an opposite wall during a kitchen remodel. I need to re-run the water line, and I have about 25 feet of 1/2 Pex left from a prior project... If I "T" off a 1/2 supply line and run the PEX up through the attic and down out behind the fridge, what is the easiest way to connect the 1/2" line to the 1/4" copper line required for the fridge?

    Should I use a stop valve? And if so, what kind of connector can be used between the stop valve to get it down to the 1/4"?

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    Default Pex

    I am not sure what your routing would be, but I would just run the 1/2" PEX as a conduit and shove 3/8" o.d. or 1/4" PEX through it for the actual water line.

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    You can get a pex x 1/4 compression stop. You can get a pex x 1/4 adaptor also.

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    Can't have compression stops in the wall though. Need an icemaker box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingsotall View Post
    Can't have compression stops in the wall though. Need an icemaker box.
    I like those icemaker supply boxes. Makes for one slick installation...

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